The Code Wizard

A children’s book that will take everyone on an adventure and open their minds to all the exciting possibilities that code can create!  Join the Code Wizard and Codex in the Digital Realm where they’ll teach you fun and new concepts of computer science, robotics, cryptography, and more!

Written and Illustrated by Tracy Francis

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The Code Wizard is the first book of its kind, using fun rhymes and colorful adventures to teach children about the exciting possibilities of coding and computer science.

When doing our research, we discovered that the majority of children’s coding books, were trying to teach pieces of the literal coding language, which even to an adult can be confusing. We realized there must be a better way!

The Code Wizard is an exciting and colorful book that captures the imagination of all ages. In the book, you transport through a portal and into a digital realm where the Code Wizard, and your new friend, Codex, show you so many exciting things you can do and make with code! Not only will you go on fun adventures, you’ll also learn some fun facts, vocabulary, and easy concepts along the way; such as, what code is made of, cryptography, concepts of robotics, and what you can do with a single board computer! This book is full of enchanting rhymes and inspiring wonder that will leave children and adults wanting to learn more!

This is actually the fourth book of five that I have written over the passed few years, but the first to be illustrated and published! We felt that the need for a fun and inspiring children’s book about coding was so high that we decided to make it top priority! When first looking for an illustrator, I had a hard time letting go of what I envisioned for the book in my head, and ultimately decided to illustrate the book myself.

The Code Wizard is intended for Girls and Boys between the ages of 3 and 10. Even though this book has a visual lead female character, the book reads to target both genders and has adventures and other characters that both boys and girls will love and relate to!

Sample Pages:

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